Over reaction


We all over react. Ever stopped to wonder why? Faced with a similar situation yesterday it suddenly all made sense…

We over react because of two things, it can be one or both.

A similar occurence… A man is hurt and ultimately breaks up with his girlfriend because she gave the dogs more attention than him. Irrational? No. You see, that same man grew up where his parents loved his sister and never loved him nearly as much. When you look closely, there is a parralel. A metaphor for something that happened to the person before. Often that is so bad that the original situation would warrant the harsh reaction. Then a situation comes along that subconciously reminds them, and Boom, there goes the over reaction.

Fear. We all have fears, and when a fear is involved, people tend to over react. It can be irrational like fear of bugs, or disturbingly real, like losing a loved one to a very real threat. Whether it be logical or not, people will usually over react. The fear may be indirect too, often their minds made a link so far away that even they can’t see it.

So, where does this leave us? Next time I want to over react, Im going to take a good hard look at why. Yesterday it suddenly came to me why I was about to blow up. When I explained my reasons, the person assured me that it was not the case. It saved me from losing something very important to me.

Will you dare to search your own intentions? It might save you just like it saved me…


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