The battle of heart and mind


We are so often tricked into thinking that our hearts and minds pull in different directions. So often it would be true.

But feelings don’t turn off and facts don’t just dissapear. Here’s the thing. Its all about perspective. To be scientifically correct one’s emotions are generated inside our brain, just in a different place from our thoughts. So really its just different levels of the brain conflicting each other. Your heart and mind is actually the sane thing.

Yes, its confusing, but here’s the thing: Your heart and mind IS one in the same thing. And that means that you can get in touch with your heart’s thoughts and your mind’s feelings…

The result? If you know yourself well enough, your heart and mind will pull in the same direction. And when that happens, you can become more than you ever expect. Even more, you will have mastered your own self, freeing up a lot of energy one can use elsewhere.

Many times the conflict can be resolved by not over thinking things, or look past the strong feelings one might have.

So dare to venture into the rabbit hole, and who knows how strong you will be when you emerge!


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