Promises and the warrior’s word


We live in times where promises no longer hold the meaning they had. In a time where talk is cheap, words hold little meaning. The scars made by broken promises cover us all. In old times one could be held by your words; a simple statement was considered a promise.

Then there was the warrior. Many would deliver on their promise even if it meant death. They knew the importance of their words, often being sharper than the sword they wield. Their promises could mean the fall of a nation.

People do not understand what they promise. How many lovers pledged to be together forever? How many think before they promise? Many careless words are spoken.

Then there are those who have been beaten by the world, their existance on the edge sometimes relying on a single thing to go their way. If you ever meet such a person, you will know, because they will keep to their word no matter what. I count myself as lucky to know only a few people like that.

The warrior’s words are promises

A part of being a warrior is living up to your word. I still believe some promises are worth dying for. This had an unexpected complication of course. You see, I have to think very carefully before I speak. I too know how it feels to promise something I did not understand yet. I have promised the moon and the stars… And had to live up to the words I so carelessly spoke. It made me stronger, but it was not always worth it to me in the end.

I still make promises. I only promise things to those who I cherish most. Those who keep their promises to me forever hold my respect.

Dare to walk the path of the warrior, and let your word be law. People will respect you, love you and remember you.

Promise me that you will remember that you are braver than you believe,

stronger than you seem,

and smarter than you think


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