Shadows, no black or white

Black or white

People often think in black and white. Good or bad, light or darkness. I’ve lived on the edge so long, I became color blind. You see, people are never just good or just bad. The line is never that clear. We all have a dark side, and all of us have good inside. Often its just a choice which to show to appear “good” or “bad”.

We often label to justify what we do. Putting “bad” people in jail… when that bad person stole to support his family. Or the “Good” pillar of the community who is always nice to others and acts with kindness… the man who beats his beloved wife because she left the dishes out to dry.

Are we the side we show most of the time?

I disagree. We are who we are. All of us as a whole. I struggled with myself for a long time because of this. I try to be a good man, helping others, being nice with everyone. I treat people the way they treat me. Therein lies my problem… Because if I find someone in my house about to hurt my family, I will paint the walls with him. And the part that scares me, I will not feel sorry. I will take him apart and sleep peacefully the next night. Am I a monster? A part of me, yes. Tell me, what would you do to protect what you hold dear against the thing you hate most?

Probably the exact same thing.

We are human, and we have all qualities. Some are just more prominent than others. If you choose to cut someone from your life, you don’t have to label them as bad to justify it. Or good to keep them around. Inherently we all do this. I stopped.

What is the worst situation? Knowing someone who is both at the same time. A psychopath who gets angry to manipulate people, who is immature and narcissistic. Inwardly a scared neglected child who was emotionally abused as a child. That same man going out of his way to help people, even risking his life for his country in the war. He tries to love, he just never had an example to follow. What do you label such a person?

You don’t.

Angels and demons, a marksman’s bewildering hosts. We all have good and bad. Which one are we? The side we cherish and grow. Even then, to truly live we must accept our bad side too.

Instead of a world of light and dark, I see shadows, darker or lighter.


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