Today mysteries are a rare thing to find. Puzzels are solved and mysteries unraveled, but long after all were solved, there you were. At first I tried to discover what lies beneath your dark depths… Find the reason why you built your walls. In my exploration I only found more questions hidden between the shards of you, the gems of what was once your whole heart.

I know many came to those depths to mine those gems. Break even more to steal those precious parts of you. And I saw the demons that lurk, the demons you kept to protect you from them.

Many times I so wanted to restore you, to make you whole once more. But I could never find all those pieces. Your eyes beautifully polished by all those tears, the scars making those intricate patterns that make you stand out from the rest.

Every time I knocked on the doors, hoping you would let me in. I could only make theories to what could make you whole. To this day only one theory remains… to love so furiously and relentlessly, to love until she finally had all the love the others never gave. To love everything, even the demons, the walls, and the darkness of her terrible depths…

So this is where I give up… I lost a
part of my heart to you in those deep dark depths, I learnt to love the shadows of your heart. Never shall I forget the glimmers of the true you. You are the enigma, the mystery I’ll never solve.

To my dear friend Alicha Timberwolf.


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