Where Angels don’t dare


Angels were always considered as guardians and messengers. Strong and fearless, they turn the tide of the lives they touch. But sometimes there are places where angels cannot go…

I remember those times like just a moment ago. The overturned car, the screaming, the gunfire, that dreaded midnight call. All those times, something welled up inside, pushing me to go. Compelling me to do something. One faithful night my ankle was in bandages, yet I climbed over a wall without even thinking about it. Looking back there was something otherworldly going on, there is no way one person could be so lucky, so strong, or fast.

Many times it was more subtle. In the late night conversations, just knowing exactly what to say. Those times when we are exactly what we need to be, even when we never knew we could. Being gripped by a power we don’t yet understand…

There are some places angels can’t go. Were there is loneliness, despair, and times where we need to understand. In those times God does not send angels, no.

He sends people where Angels can’t go…

Never underestimate the power you hold, for every day you have the power to turn the tide in people’s lives, even simple words changing their life forever.



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