Life is full of surprises. We so often hide our true selves for fear of how the world will react. And then something happens…

Once I helped a group of women take photos of them posing with posters. They were struggling to open a pack of permanent markers. I always carry a knife, but this time I had to restrain myself from helping them because the knife is quite large and intimidating (the same knife from the photo). After one failed to knaw off the tough plastic I could take no more. I politely took the packet and turned my back to the group, concealing most of the knife under my arm. Just nipping the plastic with the tip and cutting through, all as covertly as possible. Obviously not covert enough, because one woman’s eyes went as big as saucers.

“WHAT IS THAT!?” She exclaims…

I didn’t know what to do, so I reverted to the old fallback, telling the truth.

“A knife” I said carefully…

Nothing could have prepared me for the next thing that happened.

“I WANT one!!” She said, the excitement clear in her voice.

I still get a stupid grin on my face when thinking back. We all do this. We all hide parts of ourselves when we think people will struggle to accept it. Some sensor so much of themselves that they become a false person all together. It is true, most people won’t accept some things. I still don’t tell them about the shooting the previous night, or what made the scars on my arm. I still hide my carry weapon because people just don’t understand.

I stopped hide who I am long ago. It made me well known, and people often enjoy my company just because I am who I am, even when the world is different. I’ve found many people who gladly accept me for who I am. And when they love me, they love ME. Not some fictive person I play.

I challenge you to try the same. Its very hard, and very rewarding! It affords one freedom that you can only imagine. And who knows, you might just get the same reaction my knife got…


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