Poem:The Dark fortress

dark castle and scenery

When you are hidden in your fortress
Enclosed by its dark walls
I will still be outside
Listening for your call

As you fire your sharp arrows
At anything that moves
I will still stand close
My armour strong and smooth

When the wall’s darkness captures and ensues
I will wave my torch with all its colours and hews.
When hopelessnes closes in
I will help you win

Face it now
I will never give up on you

Your sharp swords and arrows don’t scare me
I won’t go, can’t you see?

No matter if you lose your faith
I will pray for you and stand guard like a wraith

And one day when someone joins your world,
I will step away from the story told

For you taught me how to love
With a heart as strong as your walls

One day I’ll love someone
Even when their world falls

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