Hunt the Ghosts


We all run. Many run away from something, few run toward their dreams. I’ve been there too, running from the ghosts of my past. They look terrible, sharp teeth shining like the blade’s edge… the blade that almost took my life. Their sound shakes me, like the sickening crash of the molitov cocktail breaking. The heat of the flames and the smell of burning flesh. The pounding of the gunfire. Many ghosts are more subtle, their haunting apparition and faint howl reminding us of our loneliness.

Most never stop running. Very few turn around to face them.

I ran from my ghosts for years, fearing the horror they bring. I convinced myself that I did not need to face them, even that constantly running made me strong. Then, one faithful day I got tired. Tired of running. Tired of feeling lost. Tired of being scared. In the most intimidating fury I turned around and attacked the most recent addition to the army of ghosts.

When I turned around to face it, the terrible ghost turned into wind.

We all have those happenings in our past. Some it is loss of a loved one, for some it is war. Some had their most valueble dream torn from their arms. For some the ghost can be an abuser, a bully, or a constant daily reminder. It can even be a breakup. It may even seem silly, but they all scare us. Those who dare to turn around and face those things soon find out that its all just an illusion. Those scary issues turn out to be a hollow shell.  

It takes courage and strength to face them, and sometimes help. But when you do, they dissapear very quickly.

Personally I got sick of it, and started with a self-help book. I faced my trauma and fixed most of a lifetime’s in only a week. Suddenly it became my favourite pastime, hunting down my own ghosts for fun. Since then I became a changed man. It was like carrying a ton of bricks all my life, and suddenly shedding all that weight. It was the turning point in my life. Ask yourself, are you running from anything? If you are, I dare you to face it. And if it is too scary to face alone, then call someone who hunts ghosts to help you.

Hunt the ghosts that haunt you, and you’ll find they are only wind.

What is haunting you?


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