Frozen Lake


In a beatiful Nepalese metaphor, one’s biggest desire is said to be a frozen lake. Breathtaking and rare. Unfortunately also slippery and dangerous, filled with hidden dangers. Most people who find their frozen lake rush to it, and in their carelessness they slip, fall, freeze or break through the ice, only to drown in the frigid waters below.

With that said, I feel almost hopeless. My dream is a simple one, almost ordinary even. To have a family, to protect, to serve, to be the shelter from their storms… and for them to be the same for me. You could accuse me of thinking small, although I know how inhospitable life can be with a broken one. Like the metaphor though, I used to seek it recklessly and rush toward each one I find. Many times I slipped, I falled, I froze, I drowned. I ignored the warning signs, and did not care at all what I gained. I got hurt so many times that I eventually got guarded. Running at the first sign of danger, or never even approaching because of an apparent crack in the ice.

Both approaches failed. You see, I cannot live well without my dream, and my approach was wrong when I persued it. Then I heard the last part of the metaphor…

When you do find your frozen lake, take your time. Look at everything, and enjoy every step.

Today I found another frozen lake. This time I know what to do. My question is, Do you?


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