The hammer


“If you have a hammer, problems start looking like nails” So the joke goes. In the combative sence this becomes even more true, as most soldiers shoot whatever gets called out to them. At first glance it seems extreme and even dim-witted, but recently I admit to seeing the point. Afther the story all will be clear…

 It was the late night of yet another long day, where I was asked to escort someone on a trip to the airport and back. With all the hijackings the roads have become very dangerous. The logical step was to ask along someone more dangerous than the anticipated danger. Being extremely tired, I reluctantly agreed. I went along, sleeping on the back seat, being a typical hammer. In the daze that follows my overly tired mind went over the threats and appropriate action… most ending in a gunshot to the problem’s head. Then a strange thing happened: Suddenly a lifelong problem came up that bugged me for years, and as if a threat, my mind nonchalantly popped up the solution. (Luckily not the gunshot response this time) Just like a hammer dealing with nails, I solved problem after problem.

The effective person thinks like a hammer. It sees a problem, and then nails it. Soon the nails will run out, and life becomes much simpler. In days past I adoped this kind of thinking; all problems having solutions. I might not have run out of problems yet, but it has changed my way of life.

Some nails are tough to hammer in. The solution that came up that night has not yet succeeded, and should be refined. Not all obstacles will just go away with one hard blow… Be tenacious! Hit again and again, in different ways. Sooner or later the nail will be driven in, and the problem gone. My challenge to you:

Be a hammer!


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