Enemy? Or Mirror?


We all have enemies. Maybe its a specific person, maybe a group… maybe it is a something instead of a someone. But the bottom line is, we all have them. I firmly believe that we can learn from all things in life, and an enemy is no different. And they are your enemy for a very good reason too. They posess a quality that manages to annoy or perhaps hurt you.

For a moment focus on yourself now. We are complex beings, with many abilities and traits. Most of us grow up not accepting some of our own qualities. Me? I can be aggressive, impatient and selfish and distant. But I am those things at the appropriate times. Strangely I could not accept that about myself for a long time. Somewhere along the line I learnt that it was not Ok to be those things… Being aggressive when my family is being attacked is perfectly normal. Being impatient after someone purposefully wasted hours of your time, that is to be expected. Being selfish when someone took almost everything from you and wants all you have, is neccesary for surviving. All has its place.

Then one day it struck me. My enemies are the distant, the aggressive, the impatient, and the selfish. They were my enemy because they were the things I could not accept about myself. They were my mirror. And when I accepted those things in myself, they became more bearable.

They were the mirror to my flaw.

I invite you, to take a closer look at your enemies… and understand that you are looking at yourself in some way.



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