Poem: Hawk


Under a huge blue sky
A hawk is watching clouds float by
The wind softly ruffling through his feathers
He wonders how it would feel to break the teathers

He opens his wings and examines them closely
Imperfectly imacculate and colour so earthly
They have grown stronger, he knows
The healing has been long, and it shows

He longs to break free and fly
The wait has been long, he knows why
As a hawk is supposed to fly, a man should be loved or try

A wind rushed by and he soared
No longer is the longing ignored

I startle awake from the dream
It is actually my life it would seem
My heart longs to fly away
But for now it has to stay

Because flying needs wings and wind
But I need the perfect person in mind

Until then I shall dream of the Hawk

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