“Our scars remind us, that the past is real” So goes a song by Papa roach. That got me thinking. There are few things as familiar as a scar. They define us, and they all have a story.

The time the metal tore through my elbow, the shrapnel grazes, the time the knife just missed my neck and cut elsewhere. To me, scars are reminders of how tough we can be, and how much we can survive. What does’nt kill you made a tactical error. Some tell me stories of great luck, others of bravery. One tells the story of a turning point, that point where a terrifying injury suddenly seemed ok. The day I realised my own strength.

Wear your scars like medals of hope!

For those who are ashamed of their scars, rather be proud! They are a sign of healed hurts, reminding us to heal the wounds of our past. They hint to how strong you can be, even without knowing

To the ladies; to me scars are sexy and unique. Everyone is beautiful in their own special way. No scar can change that. Same goes for stretch marks… most people have them. Those who can’t accept it is not worth your time.

The most surreal thought was that the world will keep on turning, no matter what happened or what will. No injury will change that, no scar will affect it. Just like the path we are meant to walk.


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