Poem: The Inferno


In the chaos and darkness and cold
There is a myth…
a ledgend to be told

A man who lived in loneliness
This man found a treausure, and the treasure is this:

He could not understand the feeling in his chest.
It would’nt die down, it could never rest.

The treasure of wisdom fell apon him
The feeling was love, an unrequited whim

This man felt strength like he never would
The inferno of love burned stronger than it ever should

It burned so furiously that he could not rest
He loved even his enemies, and the pain was a test

He grew tired when the inferno kept raging on
He had so little light around him, his hopes almost gone

The fire became a burden so heavy and bright
His life of chaos an
unrelenting fight

I wished I knew the ending that would ensue
I have an inferno just like his, and the solution is You

I will love you like an inferno; raging powerfully and bright
All that I want in return…

That your heart would burn for me
And be my light

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