The fire of a warrior

flaming heart

We all hear about someone having fire in their soul, but we so often fail to understand what that means. I learnt at a very late age, even when I had it all along.

This morning my coworker struggled loosening a bolt. The tool was too short and his hands not strong enough. I took the allen key in hand and twisted. The bolt came off, but not before twisting the shaft of the allen key in a spiral. To answer my collegue’s confused and mystefied stare, I said that I have fire.

What is fire?

Its raw feelings of passion, love, strength, and sheer willpower. Is fire that keeps you going after being shot, fire making a woman lift a car off her child, fire making people relentless against odds. Uncommon and ellusive, only those with a hard life will ever know that they posess it.

A great strength… and a terrible burden.

To those who have it, fire alwas has a goal. For some its money, or power. For others it is peace, or protection, or family. For me, its love. And once you know your fire’s goal, it is yours to control. Suddenly an inferno of power is at your command. Like this morning, it gave me strength I never could have had otherwise. You see, I imagined that bolt being the only thing between me and saving the woman I love from a burning car. I bent the tool and crushed a patch of skin on my hand, but the bolt turned. As I said, it can be a great strength. The problem is that it can be a burden. You see, the woman I love does’nt feel the same. We sometimes speak, but it probably not meant to be. She’ll probably never read this.

After a glimpse of that power inside one’s heart, how can you go back?

If you have fire, cherish it, and I hope that you reach your goal.


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